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OCHD has developed two self-funding directions for our communities frontline support work, locally, regionally and nationally / internationally, including for local authorities and public service organisations.

These two self-funding directions are:

  1. HR recruitment:

OCHD has developed a facility to assist our self-funding capacity as a ‘not-for-profit’* organisation registered with Companies House with charitable objectives.  This means OCHD expanding to support best practice care homes and the healthcare sector, for instance.


*‘Not-for Profit’ is defined as: ‘an organization whose aim is to make money for a social or political purpose or to provide a service that people need, rather than to make a profit (Source: https://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/non-profit) which is the constitutional nature of the OCHD. As a community

This initiative will not only enable us to secure funding for our frontline work**, but enable us to maintain the necessary independent integrity crucial to community members advocacy support.

**For example our lead founder and CEO Pritheepal Singh, provided in conjunction with OCHD co-founder Alan Mercel-Sanca, hundreds of hours of voluntary/unfunded support to literally hundreds of South Asian/Indian and Nepali international students in 2020, as an example; preventing in many cases extreme mental health distress, hunger, risk of suicide.

OCHD is pleased that the Home Office through granting of the license, enables OCHD to have a pioneer status, as a community organisation serving our society.

  1. EDI training:

OCHD has also initiated a second, self-funding source through enablement of provision of Equality Diversity Inclusion training to both the public and private sectors. Regarding this we are providing these services to both the public and private sectors in areas ranging from healthcare to sport, and to organisations ranging from NHS trusts and in process of extending to sports related organisations.

Geographical range of HR recruitment and EDI training: these are not limited to the Hampshire and Dorset, South Coast of England areas, but cover other parts of the UK.