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OCHD, supporting our South Coast (Hampshire & Dorset and beyond) BAME communities & all working for developing a truly Multicultural, discrimination and race/ethnicity-free multicultural Britain, is pleased to share that it also has an international dimension, awareness-raising, fundraising, international friendship developing.

OCHD is also leading on support information resources for international students, a ground-breaking outcome from our nationally and internationally recognised work to assist the latter in the Covid 19 emergency: http://www.bouncingbubble.co.uk/international-students-and-international-students-stakeholders-support-information-resource/

This page details our work in the areas mentioned above, including organisations active raising awareness and OCHD related charitable ‘Community Support’ charitable funds initiative

In regard to this, in conjunction with others, we are pleased to highlight the following international education sector friends and partners:

Brooke House College & Football College

ETC Education College

Canterbury Christ Church University

OCHD greatly appreciates enablement of these partnerships through the lead (Alan Mercel-Sanca) of our close partnering organisation, the UK Nepal Friendship Society,

This page will provide more information on these international education sector initiatives.